Colorful Floral Background 3@2X #484
 Dark  CC 0

Colorful Floral Background 3

Source GDJ

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Prismatic Curved Diamond Pattern No Background #536
 Diamond  CC 0

Prismatic Curved Diamond Pattern No Background

Source GDJ

Soft Wallpaper #95
 Wall  CC BY-SA 3.0

Coming in at 666x666px, this is an evil big pattern, but nice and soft at the same time.

Source Atle Mo

Easter egg 1 #159
 Light  CC 0

One week and it's Easter already. Thought I would revisit the decorated egg contest at inkscape community:

Source Lazur URH

Rice Paper 2 #340
 Paper  CC BY-SA 3.0

One can never have too few rice paper patterns, so here is one more.

Source Atle Mo

edo pattern-samekomon #2271
 Dark  CC 0

The image depicts an edo-era pattern called "same-komon" or "鮫小紋"which looks like a shark skin.The "same" in Japanese means shark in English.

Source Yamachem